World’s Most Popular Sports by Fans

Everyone in this world has their own choice of favorite sports which they love to play, watch and talk about. While some people love to play them as their passion, others enjoy them as a favorite hobby or a part of their fitness regimen. Moreover, there are a number of sports around the world which are followed by their fans across the globe but there are still a few of them, which got a huge fan following amongst the rest of the lot.


Golf is one of the most popular sports around the world with a huge fan following of approx 450 million people. While most of us know this sport by the likes of Tiger woods and other legendary players, it was first played in Scotland In the 15th century before becoming one of the most sought after sporting events by the fans worldwide.

Golf is famous as a club and ball sport where the clubs are used by players to hit the balls in a sequence of holes on a specified distance in the fewest strokes possible.


Rugby is another one of the most played and watched sports across the globe which an estimated fan following of around 475 million. The Game was first played in England at the beginning of the 19th century and from there it found its influence in some other countries like Australia and New Zealand. the sports involve two teams with 15 players on both sides and the teams are generally suppose to kick or pass the ball to the end line of the Oppositions’ half. The team which scores the maximum points by doing the same becomes the winner of the game.


Baseball can certainly be quoted as one of the biggest and widely popular sports with a big fan following of 500 million fans around. Though the game is largely played and watched within the United States, Japan and the Caribbean countries, its popularity is rapidly growing in some other countries as well

The game is quite identical to Modern day cricket with the only difference being the set of rules and the field it played on. The Sport involves two teams with 9 players on each side who play with Bat and ball to score as much points as possible during the game.


Invented by Dr James Naismith in 1891 in USA, Basketball currently enjoys a fan following of around 825 million fans around the world. While the invention of the game was done with a purpose to provide a better alternative to play football indoors, it has garnered huge popularity amongst the Global audiences ever since then. The Game is played at  a Basketball Court with two teams of Five players each where the core motive is to put the ball in the hoop or a basket placed at a height of around 10 feet from the grounds.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is another one of the most popular games amongst the Global audiences with a humongous 875 million fans around. This was one of the other sports which was invented in England in the 19th century and was first played as an alternative Indoor version to the Lawn tennis game. It is also been widely famous with the name “Ping Pong” which is here referred to the course of the game where the balls get passed over the net placed on a table with two or more players involved in the match.

The game got most of its influence in countries like China, Japan, and South Korea


This is another very popular sport which was first invented in USA by William G Morgan in 1895 and currently holds a big fan base of Approx 900 million fans. William G Morgan used to serve as an Instructor to the Young men Christian Association before he chose to find this game by deriving some of the elements from Basketball, Tennis, Handball, and Baseball. Currently, the game is played with two teams of 6 players each who throws the ball over the net to score maximum points for the Victory.


Tennis is another very popular game amongst the global audience with over 1 billion fans to its name. Although there have been a number of Historical claims by various countries in regard to its invention, France has been quoted as the Birthplace of this famous sport. The game is played in two or more players of two teams and the motive is to score maximum points by placing the ball in the opponent’s half with the help of Tennis Rackets.            

Field Hockey

Field Hockey has got over 2 billion fans around the world and the sport currently enjoys the 3rd ranking in the Most Popular sports amongst the Global Audiences. This is another game that saw its inception on the land of the Greta Britain in the early 18th century and was seen as a game with a lot of similarities to Soccer with the only Difference of using Sticks in place of Feet. The game got its Influence in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


Cricket is a game that is played with a bat and ball on a field that involves two teams of 11 players each. The Sport currently got over 2.5 billion fans worldwide approx with its popularity growing by every coming day. As of now, the sport is played and watched upon at almost every corner of the globe with most of its influence across England, Asia, and Australia.

Association Football (Soccer)

Soccer is currently the most popular sport with its popularity to more than 4 billion fans worldwide. Sport is widely popular amongst every country around the world and was said to be first played in the Chinese territories in the 2nd century. The game is played with two teams with 11 players on each side and the motive is to score as many goals as possible on the opponent’s half.

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