How to do Meditation During Working Hours & Regular Days

Meditation is the technique to keep our minds in our control. Meditation brings the person to be live in a different way. Mediation is focused on the particular object, the object can be placed anywhere in this world. This will focus on one point. Meditation is not a religion. It is a part of science. It helps to follow the principles.

Basic steps to meditate for beginners

Allot the time for the meditation. It is important. Many people have no time to meditate on their busy schedule. So, try to schedule a time for meditation. The beginner can do the meditation in 30 minutes.

Techniques for concentration

  1. For meditation, you have to concentrate or focus on some object. It will bring your concentration power. If you are focusing on some object, many thoughts will disturb your concentration. So, avoid those thoughts and concentrate on one object.
  2. Don’t think irritating incident. Start thinking about the good things happening in your life. Firstly, focus on candlelight. It will help you bring more concentration.


  1. Before you are starting to meditate. Make comfortability to sit. Don’t lie down. You can also sit on the chair and keep your leg on the floor. Or you can sit on the floor. And try to sit straight.
  2. If you are not comfortable with your clothing, you can remove your shoes. Avoid tight clothes.
  3. For meditation, the silent place is comfortable with a pleasant temperature.
  4. If you are interested to meditate before any pictures or loved ones or any scared objects. You can do your meditation. It will help to concentrate and it will help in many situations to control your stress.

Quieting the mind

  1. The technique of concentration will help you to control your mind. It keeps your mind quiet. After the mind is peaceful, do breathing for more power. You have to close eyes and breathe with your hands.

Breathing exercises

If you do the breathing practice, you can survive in any situation. Breathing is important for meditation. You have to practice breathing. Breathing prevents your thoughts. And concentrate on your breathing.


You can be silent while hearing the music. This is also one form of meditation. If you want to relax, you can also hear the music. You can repeat the positive proverb while doing meditation.

Meditative moment

If you can’t do meditation in the sitting position, you can do the meditation by dancing. You can keep the music loudly and dance for that music in a room. It gives relaxation to your mind. It will control your emotions I bad situations.

Meditation through Martial arts

You can do the movement meditation by the tai chi, yoga, and qigong. These arts control your mind. It will give discipline. It will control your emotions.

How to meditate at sleep

Meditation will help to sleep better.

  • If you lie down on your bed. If you feel comfortable, take a deep breath. You should think about how the day was completed with good things. Avoid bad thoughts. If you breathe, you can get fresh air.
  • Avoid bad thought, it will relax your mind.
  • If you touch the bed, you will get the sensation of your body. You may hear the sounds. It will disturb your sleep. Within 30 seconds you can get attention to do exercise.
  • Feel the sensation of your body. If it feels like restless, you can do the meditation again.
  • Focus on your breathing and you can feel the sensation of your body. And focus on the exercise. These exercises will help you to sleep.

How to meditate at work

There are seven ways to meditate at work:

  • There are many meditation apps. Download the free apps for good fit. There are two steps to do meditation. One is Headspace and another one is Timer. Headspace is the starting technique. There are unbelievable free meditations for Timer for more experiences.
  • Before going to work, close your eyes and take breathing for 10 minutes or do 10 counts for breathing. It will help you relax your mind. It will help to concentrate on your work.
  • After breathing, you have to close your eyes. Don’t think about the bad experiences. Just hear the sounds around you. It will increase your cleverness.
  • During lunchtime, smell the foods and taste the food.
  • Try to walk outside of the office. It gives a good feel to your body. Walk slowly, it will help you to relax for body and mind.
  • If you feel free. You can create your own mantra for good motivation. It will relax your mind and it will motivate you.
  • Try to see the beauty of nature. Notice the river and see at which direction it moves. See the beauty of leaves. Take time to see this. It will relieve your stress.

How to do meditation at a desk

You can do desk message anywhere in this world

  • The body scan is important for this meditation. To do that meditation takes the breath.
  • If you are ready, give attention to the basement of the feet. Notice whatever you sense. Notice the feet and the weight of the leg will rest. Your feet will be cool or warm.
  • No need to think about the conversations. Don’t bring your mind to stress. Don’t think about your unpleasant moment.
  • Just notice your body and feel the sensation. You have to move this process slowly.

Meditation is the art. You can do meditation in anyplace like office, park, before scared objects, etc. There are many amazing things in meditation that will help in your entire life. Meditation is good for health. It relaxes your mind from stress. You can do meditation in any way like hearing music, dancing for songs, or by noticing the smell of food or noticing by nature. There is no wrong in these meditations. Practice the meditation that you make you fresh for the whole day.

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